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The story of the founder

Researched and developed Tang poetry Martial Arts, which combined classic Tang Poetry and Chinese martial arts. Children can develop good fundamental skills through reciting poetry and punching, while also developing intellectual and physical fitness. Jen believes that martial arts is beneficial to kids' health, mind, and confidence level. The pioneer who infused new concepts like flowing water into the old martial arts ideologies. He turned martial arts into an accessible and desirable cultural asset to help the people of Taiwan appreciate the beauty of martial arts.

My name is Ren Pei-Hao and I am a full time Wu Shu instructor. I specialize in teaching Wu Shu to children and I hope through studying Wu Shu they become confident and brave like me. I grew up as an orphan and from elementary school to high school I was bullied for 6 to 7 years.  I was physically very weak and often stayed home sick. Every time I returned to school my desk would be stuffed with trash. I was afraid to go to the restroom because when I returned, my books and bag would be gone. Eventually I found the answer to why this happened to me. It wasn't the environment nor the kids who bullied me, it was me. I didn't respect myself so they didn't respect me and targeted me.

There's a very wise Chinese expression: If you look down at yourself, others will follow suit.  I didn't respect myself so why would others? It was then I devoted myself to the study of Wu Shu. After just 6 months I noticed nobody bullied me anymore. I participated in a Taekwondo competition and won 3rd place. In front of the entire school, the President said: “Ren Pei-Hao has brought honor to the school.”  From that moment on, I changed, and I realized how much Wu Shu had brought to me. Most kids lack self-confidence because they don't believe in themselves or they are excessively introverted. Through Wu Shu they become stronger in both body and mind and are able to face many different challenges.


In Wu Shu some moves such as turning or changing hands can be difficult for kids to learn.  What I do is that I edit out some of the more difficult movements and keep the more simple ones.  

For example, we copy the movements of a tiger, clawing and hitting. We also copy the wing movements of a crane.  These simple movements are easier for them. When teaching children Wu Shu, I adapt the Wu Shu movements that I have learned and adapt them so they are more accessible to children. I also use fun adjectives to describe the moves. To teach pre-school children, you need to find a suitable teaching method for them. As a child who was severely bullied, I use myself as an example to gradually change the children and I hope to effect more change on more people. “Help children find confidence through the teaching of Wu Shu, strengthen their bodies and minds.”

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