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  Heart and Soul Energy Training

A perfect combination of the art of poetry, the culture of martial arts, elements of physical fitness, and cultivation of the mind grants the children the power to protect themselves.

We provide martial arts education for different age groups

We offer martial arts education that meets the need of infants, children, adolescents, and adults, providing a learning opportunity for people of each age group to undergo both physical and mental meditation that integrates cultural arts, moral character, and health. Thus, the cultural and creative experience of martial arts is enriched for enhancing both physical and mental literacy, thereby making learning martial arts a habit of daily living.

Develop Children's Character with Appropriate Guidance

Learn to be Stable and Well-mannered

From the fist and palm salute to the steady horse stance, external patience is extended to inner self-restraint, leading to the cultivation of etiquette for developing an attitude toward a life that is filled with love and respect for parents, teachers, elders, and peers, and toward a life in which one cherishes everything and cultivate one’s body and mind.

Improve Physical Fitness

Learning martial arts is primarily aimed at improving one’s physical strength and at understanding one’s body language through the movement of martial arts to improve the body composition, including the integrity of physical fitness, agility, coordination, and self-control, thereby maximizing one’s physical power.

Learn the Skills of Self-protection

Strengthening the body’s intuitive response facilitates developing the basic skills of self-protection. By building the correct concept of defense, one can understand the importance of peace, cultivate a mentality of righteousness, and properly utilize self-defense skills to protect itself and also care for others.


Tang Poem Kung Fu

Parent–children learning

Children aged 3–4 years learn to read Tang poems and demonstrate their martial arts skills, strengthening the integrated development of their attention, hand–eye coordination, and sensory perception. Parent–children learning inspires courage and creativity.

Tang Poem Kung Fu

For children

At the age of 5–6, children begin developing their character through reading poems and practicing martial arts to elevate the five senses of martial arts movement and maximize their physical strength, subsequently fostering the skills of meditation and etiquette.

Integrity Martial Arts


Enlightenment through poetry and martial arts in primary school is the key to training children’s overall physical and mental qualities for self-defense. Through series of tests, children are able to foster the ability to control themselves and adopt an upright posture.

Elite Martial Arts

Training of Excellence

Advanced training is offered to develop agility and self-defense skills, focusing on basic skills training that improves attacking and defending skills as well as kicking a target and assuming a horse stance to enhance martial arts learning.

Elite Martial Arts

International Competition

Outstanding elites are selected to participate in overseas martial arts competition and fight for the highest honor. Smooth movements, stable demeanor, and elegant posture are emphasized.

Contribution to the Society

Teaching course is designed for special cases to undergo teaching projects that contribute to the society, actualize the positive philosophy of education, and fulfill social responsibility


Ren Pei-Hao

Kung fu is a process of improving body strength and developing mindfulness. Each punch and kick is a reminder for children to accumulate physical strength and a strong mind, helping them become more focused, patient, and independent. It can develop integrity for children and is the most precious gift in their life.

A Safe and Comfortable Environment



Martial Arts School

2F., No.52, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel : +886-2-2762-7228

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